What is this fascinating world of Web Development?

The Fascinating World of Web Development

You may be wondering how this web development became the first valuable job in the global market. If you are new at this and want to know in detail, Let's Dive In.

Web development is the building of websites and maintaining it. But that's not the end of the story. It needs deep knowledge of the programming languages which developers use to create the structure of a website. Choosing a language to build your website is their choice. It depends on the type of task your website will perform and the platform they will use to build one. As it seems, it is not that easy.


Front-end & Back-end -- the sisters you should know about.

Web development is not the whole thing but consists of three different components working or combined altogether. This is a vital part of the web development one needs to know if s/he wants to be a part of this business.



This is the user end of a website to which a website visitor is exposed when he clicks on a website URL. In simple words, the front-end is the design and graphics you are viewing right now. The user interface is designed and structured by web designers. All the animations, pop-up menus, and the stuff you see during scrolling a web page is managed by the web designers, or we should say, front-end developers.



We can't see the back-end part of the website a user has nothing to do with it. The back-end is where all the data or information of a website is stored. For example, the text you are reading right now is stored in the database of Dizzilogic where this article is stored. Now you may have a question that, if both these things are different. How you can read an article stored at a different place. That's where the role of the third part comes.


Server Application

The server application is a thread between Front-end and Back-end through which they interact when a user seeks a piece of information from a website or fills a data that is to be stored in the website. This application manages and sorts the different types of data and helps in retrieving and storing information.

However, this whole thing may seem difficult but is not except you are an expert. And if you are not an expert, you don't have to worry about this thing. Sit back relax; you are at Dizzilogic.


Web Development at Dizzilogic

The above information was to give you appropriate knowledge about web development, and not to scare you.

Our team at Dizzilogic can fulfill your requirements for an outstanding website you are seeking. You don't have to worry about any of the three elements of web development. We are here for you to help you with the whole.

Contact us and get your website build with Dizzilogic at ease.


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