How can Digital Marketing be a Boon or a Curse?

How can Digital Marketing be a Boon or a Curse?
While scrolling your social media feeds or browsing, you may have come across the word Digital Marketing. As you are reading this blog, we hope you might know what Digital Marketing is? But for a Generic audience, we are providing some of the critical points which will help you learn about Digital Marketing.
• Digital marketing refers to advertising or promotion through e-platforms or digital channels, i.e., search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.
• Nowadays, any product or service promotion and advertisement is done through digital methods using Multimedia such as Images, Videos, Graphics, Audio, Text, etc.
• Consumers prefer Digital Platforms to research products.
• Stats of Think with Google - Digital Marketing insights told that 48% of consumers search their queries on search engines, whereas 33% view brand websites, 26% prefer mobile applications.
Till now, you may have realized how much this Tool is vital for any brand or an organization that strives to make a different position in E-Commerce.
But now, you might be wondering if this is so, why we used the heading saying, Digital Marketing can be a boon or a curse. 
We think now is the time we should talk about why we said so.
For Example:-
Suppose you are suffering from fever, and you are taking pills for Constipation. Then what? There are three things which may happen to you,
1. You will not get rid over with fever.
2. Your medications will not be of any use.
3. It may cause a side effect.
Making the best Strategies for marketing purposes.
You may have got an idea with the above example, why that sub-heading exists. Digital Marketing can only work best when we made a strategy that captures the target audience's attention. There are different techniques for different platforms, depending on Brands, Goods, and Services. Below are some of the methods Dizzilogic uses to create Digital Marketing Tactics.
1. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or SERP (Search engine results page)
2. SEO (Search engine optimization)
3. Content marketing
4. Social media marketing
5. Email marketing
6. Mobile marketing
7. Marketing automation
Considering the above example,
You have a Promotional video or any other media as a pill you are taking to reach the right place, so you get the needful result. If it doesn't work as you thought or planned, it will not take effect.
Digital Marketing at Dizzilogic
While working on promoting a brand, Dizzilogic keeps in mind that it reaches the audience you need to target. Our team of experts recognizes your audiences. Nowadays, consumers expect a personalized experience through every touchpoint. Dizzilogic understands their demographic, firmographic, and technographic traits and how to reply to their questions. 
Dizzilogic establishes goals and measurement strategies using audience information to discover and get a clear view of a customer's sales history to develop plans for you. The essential tools in this include cost per lead (CPL), clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), reach, engagement rate, effective cost per thousand (eCPM), conversions, and back-end analysis such as return on ad spend (ROAS), first-and multi-touch attribution, return on investment (ROI), and lifetime customer value (LCV). 
These heavy terms may confuse you a little or may frighten you. But you don't have to worry about anything because you are on the right page and, of course, on the best website, which will help you promote your Brand or Product among the audience you need.
Request a call or order your Services on Dizzilogic right now.


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